Q. I am unable to attend anymore. Is it possible to receive a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available for the Femdom Ball and after party in the event of cancellations. This is because catering services are secured once all tickets are purchased. However, you have the option to sell your ticket on Twitter. There are often people interested in purchasing them.

Q. What is the Femdom Ball Weekend Program ? 

6th October – Femdom High Tea at 4pm on a secret location, this gathering is for ladies only. 

7th October – The Annual Femdom Ball from 6pm . Doors close at 7pm and After Party from 11pm to 3am .

8th October Le Boutique Bazar , Show your ball ticket for a discount and skip the queue . 

Q. What is the address of Femdom Ball Venue?

For reasons of security the address will be sent within 24 hours of the start of the Ball.
You will only receive the venue address if you are signed up for our mailing list and have a valid ticket!

Sign up for the mailing list here. https://signup.ymlp.com/xguwsbyugmgj Once you have submitted your email, you’ll receive a verification e-mail that contains a link which you need to visit in order to confirm your subscription. You must complete this step in order to be added to the mailing list.

Check your email and your SPAM if you have not received an
email with the details within 24 hours notice of the Ball

Q. Where is the Femdom Ball taking place?

The Femdom Ball is taking place in a top secret and very glamorous location at the heart of the City of London. If you are travelling from afar and are looking to book a hotel or Airbnb, anywhere within the EC2 postcode will be within walking distance from the venue.

New London Dungeon Suite Bayswater dungeon suite

Q. At what time does the Femdom Ball begin?

The event begins at 6pm sharp. We ask our patrons to arrive 20-15 minutes early in order to ensure that everyone is checked in to the event and has the time to leave their coats at the coat check before the opening of the Ball.

Q. Do I need to bring my ticket with me?

Yes, you need to have your ticket with you. Please make sure that by the time you are at the front of the queue, you have your ticket with QR code ready to present to Mistress Lorraine  either in printed form or on the screen of your phone. Please be aware that there is one QR code per ticket, not per order. We can not let you in if you do not have your ticket with you.

Q. Can single males attend the event?

Yes, single males are welcome to attend the event. The Femdom Ball is a fantastic opportunity to meet Fabulous Dominant Women from around the world. You may also enquire with the event organisers about sponsoring one of our Female guests and serving Her on the night of the event.

Q. Can single females attend the event?

Single Females are more than welcome to attend the event. The Femdom Ball is about celebrating Women. We do not need men in tow to be a Dominant Woman.

Q. Will there be food?

The Femdom Ball does not include a sit down meal. However, food in the form of divine little modern European canapes will be served throughout the night. These are quite light bites, therefore we do recommend a light dinner before attending.

Q. Will there be an open bar?

The organisers of the Femdom Ball aim to provide all the Female patrons a glass of champagne upon arrival. Any other drinks can be purchased at the  bar.

Q. Can slaves have a drink?

Slaves are not permitted to drink anything for the first 2 hours of the event. After this time, they can buy drinks at the bar ONLY if permitted to do so by their owner, and ONLY by the bar.
Slaves are prohibited from taking their drinks into the main room or the playroom.

Q. I identify as non gender binary. Can I attend the Femdom Ball?

The Femdom Ball aims to be an inclusive event. However, due to it being a celebration of Female Supremacy, there is a degree cis-gender identification at play. Therefore, we ask that all attending dominants either be or identify as a woman and dress accordingly. Slaves and submissives of all gender identifications are welcome at the event.

Q. What should I wear to the Femdom Ball?

Read our Dress Code guide here : https://www.femdomball.com/dress-code-2/

Q. Can dominant men attend the Femdom Ball?

Dominant men are welcome to attend the Femdom ball, however we are a Female Supremacy focused event, and we ask that any attending dominant male keep that in mind and follow the rules and dress code for submissives and slaves. We promise we won’t tell anyone 😉
Q. Can I take my own photos?
The taking of photographs by patrons of the Femdom Ball is strictly prohibited. We have to respect all guest some ends up on selfies without consent then we have to deal with such trust breach. This year we are setting up a dedicated are for selfies.

Q. Will a play area be provided?

The Femdom Ball always includes a  playroom with several pieces of dungeon furniture and we encourage our patrons to play. Please bring a selection of toys with you so that you can enjoy our magnificent plays-pace. We do not provide any toys, so please bring your own.

Q. Will there be an after party?

Yes there will be ticket are now available Buy Tickets Here

Q. Will food will be served at the after Party ?

 Certainly, bracelets will be provided to all patrons who purchase the food package tickets.

Q. I am coming to the ball with a group of friends. Can we request to be sat together?

We get a lot of requests from friends wanting to be seated together. Due to the nature of the event, we do get a lot of single guests and ladies attending from all around the world. Our aim is to build bridges in the Femdom world and connect amazing women with other amazing women. As such, we like to seat guests in a way such as to encourage the creation of new friendships.

Q. What are the rules that slaves and submissives must abide by?

-Slaves and submissives are not allowed to partake of the food at the event unless specifically fed a piece by their Mistress.

-Slaves and submissives are not allowed to partake of the champagne or wine being served to the Ladies at the event. They may purchase themselves drinks at the bar.

-Slaves and submissives must wear a hood for the first hour of the event (sissies and TVs excluded) and stand around the edges to allow the Female guests to mingle over champagne.

-Slaves and submissives are forbidden from sitting on chairs or benches. Only the floor can act as a seat for them. To clarify , older and disable submissive may sit behind their Goddess providing they are not on the way. Permission needs to be seeked.

-Slaves and submissives must obey any safe sane and consensual orders given to them by a dominant Female at the event if unowned.

-Slaves and submissives must always give way to a passing Woman, open doors for Women, and bow or curtsy when introducing themselves to a Female guest.

Q. Does the venue has a cloakroom? 

Yes , we do indeed , quite spacious . 

Q. Do we need to bring cash ?

Yes. Please consider purchasing raffle tickets to show your support for our wonderful charity. We have fantastic prizes generously provided by our sponsors.

Q. Which Charity are we supporting this Year ?

We will support www.Sahlondon.org Please visit their website. 

Q. Who are the Femdom Ball Sponsors this year ?? 

Below is a roster of our fantastic sponsors . We kindly encourage you to make purchase from them , as several are extending incredible discounts to all attendees pf the Femdom Ball 2023. Don’t forget to utilise the code FEMDOMBALL2023. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them with any enquiries .

 Sponsors : https://www.femdomball.com/sponsors/