Date: 7th October 2017
Time: 6pm – Midnight
Late arrivals: 9pm – doors will only open once for late guests.

Venue: The FemDom Ball will be held in a SECRET LONDON EC2 LOCATION. You MUST join our mailing list to receive the address. It will be sent on Friday 6th October SIGN UP HERE

Dress Code:
This is a gala event so please dress the part ladies! We expect the highest protocol regarding dress code. We encourage you to wear your finest, most glamorous gowns whether they are made from latex or satin, lace or leather – extravagance is the order of the night….

There is plenty of information for slaves here but they must be clothed at all times! No shirtless or shoeless slaves, please.

Order of Events
Doors open at 6pm sharp. Please note: We invite you to join us as early as possible as the doors will close soon after! The official evening starts at 7pm and we are unable to allow entrance to anyone again until 9pm. Not our rules but the house rules!

Either printed or on your phone. This is important as pertains to seating arrangements.  

Food and Drink
Upon arrival you will be served a glass of champagne along with canapés through out the evening by our “slaves and maids in waiting”. There will also be a cash bar available for drinks.

Photography and Mobile Phones
We will have two professional photographers who will be available to take pictures for anyone who is willing to be on camera. Please do not take pictures on your mobile phone inside the building. If you wish, you can take pictures in the smoking area outdoors, however please ensure that you respect the privacy of others by not including them in your pictures.

Please do not use mobile phones at all inside the building (photos, twitter, messaging etc), again if you do need to use your phone please step out into the smoking area.

Maids in waiting
If you have any questions, they should be able to answer you or direct you to someone who can.


Charity Raffle:
Donations will be accepted throughout the night. View our wonderful sponsors and prizes here >

The proceeds of our charity raffle will be donated to Backlash. Backlash is an organisation providing academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression. Backlash

After Party:
FemDom Play Party organised by the FemDom Ball, at the Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson Street, E2 8JD.

Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 60 guests at the After Party. From previous events, we believe that this will be sufficient for everyone who will wish to attend the after party, however we can’t guarantee to accommodate everyone.