Femdom High Tea and Play Party

In the spirit of Femdom and community,
Madame Caramel is delighted to announce the inaugural
Femdom High Tea & Play Party in London

Saturday 12th January 2019

A high protocol event for 30 Mistresses and their slaves

You may be a lifestyle couple or a Mistress and slave or a submissive who has sponsored his/her dream Mistress’s attendance*

Either way, you must be a part of a couple to attend.

* How to sponsor a Mistress ~
Contact your dream Mistress directly and request her terms and conditions for attendance.
You will be expected to organise ticket payment and other arrangements for the day.

Pics from our Afternoon Tea on the FemdomBall weekend 2018. Photos by Joanna Armstrong

(This is not representative of our High Tea and Play Party)

Expectations on the day

Slaves arrive and immediately report for duty.
They will be in service to a Mistress, other than their own, for 1 full hour.
This includes serving tea and fulfilling their other needs.
They will be on their best behavior so as to not disappoint their Mistress.
Best brush up on your skills, boys and girls, anything less than perfect may be a punishable offense.
All slaves will be in suits unless they are a maid dressed in a uniform – no slutty uniforms, though classy and sexy is permitted.

Order of Events

High Tea served between 4 – 5pm
Includes: Champagne, tea and coffee, juices along with delicious sandwiches and scones
There will be basic nourishment for slaves

Entertainment from 5pm onwards
The celebration continues with play so PLEASE bring your favourite toys, there is not enough play at parties anymore and so this is an integral part of the event’s success
There will also be a workshop focusing on the various topics surrounding slave training


As always, dress to impress!
Elegant dresses, furs and pearls, vintage fashion, haute couture, fetish glamour.