International FemDom Ball


Slave Info

Gentlemen: We advise you to respectfully approach a lady who is listed on the VIP MIstresses and request that you may escort them to the ball. Attending as a Mistress’s submissive creates a much more exciting and thrilling evening. You will be expected to buy her ticket and arrange her transport to and from the event.

Slaves attending will adhere to the following rules.

Dress code for the gentlemen


Colours and patterns

The Femdom Ball is all about the ladies! Slaves are meant to melt into the background. As such, if you are dressing in a suit, please avoid colours and patterns.

Exposed skin and/or genitals

I cannot stress enough that the Femdom Ball is NOT a fetish party! Please do not dress as if you are going to one! This is a formal event. Nobody wants to see your arse cheeks, nipples or genitals. Hide them! Please be covered from head to toe or you will not be admitted.

Tacky slutty sissy outfits

We love our sissies and TV’s at the Femdom Ball, and we want you to shine. But please try to shine more like a star in the sky and less like a Poundland key ring flashlight.

Attention seeking fetish outfits

There’s no space for peacocks at the Femdom Ball. Please remember the event is ALL about the ladies, and keep your outfit modest and simple. We do not appreciate attention seeking slaves. You are meant to blend into the background and leave the space for your Mistress to shine.

Casual all black outfits

The Femdom Ball is a formal event with a formal Black Tie dress code. When we say we want slaves in all black, this does not mean black T-shirt and black jeans, or a casual black shirt. If you can’t tell the difference between a casual shirt and a dress shirt, I recommend that you head to your closest T.M. Lewin and ask for help!

What we encourage you to wear

Black suit or tuxedo

Ideally with a black shirt, although we will accept white shirts too. Please be sure to wear a tie or bow tie (also black). You may also wear a classic suit made of a fetish material such as leather or latex.

Classic all black fetish outfit

By all means come dressed as a slave.Just be sure that your outfit is simple and classic and all black. Also please be fully covered.

Beautiful, classy and reserved sissy outfits

If you wish to wear a sissy outfit, please ensure that it is as formal as possible. Below the knee dresses only. Please wear something high quality and aesthetically pleasing. If you are a TV, by all means follow the same dress code as the ladies. Ballgown!


You may wear a kilt to the Femdom Ball. We would ask that you ideally be wearing a black formal wear kilt of one made of fetish material, but we will also allow more classic tartan.

Protocol on the night

Slaves must be hooded for the first hour of the event. All slaves must come equipped with a black full head hood which they will be expected to wear for at least the first hour of the event, so as to be anonymous and let the ladies shine. After the first hour, slaves may remove their hood if they are given permission to do so by their Mistress. Sissies and TV’s do not have to wear a hood as they will have full makeup on.

All slaves must wear a collar and lead. This includes sissies and TV slaves.

Slaves must be seen but not heard. Slaves must keep their eyes to the ground out of respect and only speak when spoken to.

Slaves must bow to Ladies when they meet them. Sissies must curtsy. Slaves must be respectful to the Ladies at all times. Slaves may only play with another Mistress if their owner has given them permission to do so.

Sitting on the furniture is absolutely prohibited for all slaves. there will be a zero tolerance policy for this. We have had men come to the ball in the past who do not identify as slaves and decide they can sit on the furniture. If you come to the Femdom Ball as a man, you are going to be treated as a slave. No exceptions.

Last of all, remember: the event safe word is RED! Do not be afraid to use it.