International FemDom Ball



The Femdom Ball is not only a formal fetish event, but also a high protocol one. As such, we expect all Mistresses and slaves to follow certain codes of conduct.

Please be advised just like the dress code, we will be enforcing the rules of conduct at the event and anyone found transgressing these risks being shown the door.

Absolutely No Photos Will Be Allowed At The Event

On the night, there will be several official Femdom Ball photographers available to take your photo should you so wish. Following the marvellous example set by the Berlin clubs, we will be placing stickers on all phone cameras.

We have had a lot of trouble with attendees taking photos at the event in past years and have been disheartened to see many photos popping up on social media in spite of our strict no photo code.

This rule is to protect the venue which is kind enough to host our event, and also to protect the identities of many of our less “out” attendees. Many guests at the Femdom Ball do not wish to be seen on the internet, and it is all of our responsibility to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Anybody caught taking photographs with their phone, having removed the sticker, or posting photos from the event on social media will risk getting expelled from the event and/or being banned from attending future events.

As you know, we provide our female guests with champagne on arrival. However, any champagne after this needs to be bought at the bar. With this in mind, if you see a bottle of champagne on a table during the night, please respect that it was bought by somebody for themselves and their table. If you want more champagne, please buy your own and don’t go helping yourself from the bottle at somebody else’s table!

Slaves must be hooded for the first hour of the event. All slaves must come equipped with a black full head hood which they will be expected to wear for at least the first hour of the event, so as to be anonymous and let the ladies shine. After the first hour, slaves may remove their hood if they are given permission to do so by their Mistress.

Sissies and TV’s do not have to wear a hood as they will have full makeup on.

All slaves must wear a collar and lead. This includes sissies and TV slaves.

Slaves must be seen but not heard. Slaves must keep their eyes to the ground out of respect and only speak when spoken to.

Slaves must bow to Ladies when they meet them. Sissies must curtsy.

Slaves must be respectful to the Ladies at all times. Slaves may only play with another Mistress if their owner has given them permission to do so.

Sitting on the furniture is absolutely prohibited for all slaves. there will be a zero tolerance policy for this.

We have had men come to the ball in the past who do not identify as slaves and decide they can sit on the furniture.

If you come to the Femdom Ball as a man, you are going to be treated as a slave. No exceptions.

Slaves are not permitted to drink anything for the first 2 hours of the event. After this time, they can buy drinks at the bar ONLY if permitted to do so by their owner, and ONLY by the bar.
Slaves are prohibited from taking their drinks into the main room or the playroom.

Last of all, remember: the event safe word is RED! Do not be afraid to use it.