Meet Our
VIP Mistresses

Explore the exclusive world of our VIP Mistresses at Femdom Ball. Get to know the powerful and captivating Dominant Women who grace our event with their presence. Discover their stories, expertise, and commanding presence as they embody the essence of Female Domination at its finest.

Madame Caramel Founder & Hostess

Ezada Sinn - Romania

Anne Tittou London

Miss Arina

Princess Aurora

Miss LittleBadass

Lady Dark Angel

Mistress Medusa Storm

Madame Li Ying

Goddess Lolaa

Mistress Kennya

Lady Saylie

Sadic Sadie

Miss Amy

Ekua Ahima

Miss Mashablues

Zara Fox

Mistress Monika Müller

Mistress Melani

Mistress Thaïs

Mistress Vi

Ms Joanna Armstrong (Photographer)

Miss Ruby Alexia

Goddess Harley Bee

Miss Pixie

Miss Mercy

Lady Scarlett

Mistress CatastroV

Roo Morgue

Temptress Lua

Mistress Zoe

Lady Rose Epic


Goddess Hazel

Mistress BadBitch

Charlotte Douleur

Goddess Phoenix

Goddess Samantha

Goddess Vamp

Lady Ava Sheridon

Madaam Sedusa

Mistress Evelyn X

Domina Laura


Princess Carmilla

Mistress Lunatika

Mistress Ayn

Goddess Ishtar

Jane Grey

Miss Sophia Truee

Lady Ness Harper

Mistress Violent Siren

Sultana Queen Aisha

Mistress Lorraine

Mistress Damazonia

Mistress Marley

Omy Deity

Mistress Liza Bell

Tierra Doll

Temptress Sahara


Mistress Amanda

Goddess Luna Law

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